This article is based on the screen issues of the iPhone 6 plus and there is which type of problem is faced by the people in the iPhone 6s plus. And touch design and brightness problem on a screen. 

If we are talking about the iPhone screen then this has the best screen quality means picture quality is best whenever your finger is wet then in this condition your coral your finger on the screen of the iPhone then your screen goes to the hanging mode and you know about the hanging mode because this has the very creative screen. So in this article, we will discuss on the screen of the iPhone 6s. 

1-Screen is not working all time 

2- Due to wet finger 

3- Screen misbehave 

 The screen is not working all time: 

If your screen is not working well then this problem is big for users because this phone is very wealthy so users are irritated for his phone so the solutions of this very rare only you did some step then your problem is solved easily and one more thing due to another region your problem is not solved then in this condition you can contact us on the iPhone customer support number


The mainly work of the user is restart your iPhone because your phone is absorbed some bugs and other types connect with another query then in this condition you can restart your phone after that your phone will go to the sleep mode after that your problem is solved easily. 

Due to wet fingers: 

You know very well about the wet and whenever your finger is wet and touch your phone screen then a screen is work properly because a wet finger is not absorbed by the iPhone screen. 


The fixed of this problem is basically depending on you because this finger is you otherwise not. First, dry your finger and with the help of dryer and the sometimes screen is wet so dry this and this is working with the good format and check configure display setting.          

Screen misbehaves and fixed 

This time this issue is the more problematic because in this condition follow some setting equation just like this equation select your phone setting and after that the display and brightness and turn off your auto brightness and select the brightness option with you. If you have more query related to this then in this condition you can visit us on the iPhone customer care .