It becomes exciting when the customer has switched from Google Apps for business to Office 365. Some organizations have chosen and decide that office 365 was the right choice to keep their organization productive and more satisfied.  Here are few reasons that will make clear that why users prefer Outlook over Gmail

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1.       Integration across email, contacts, and calendar- 

 Email is the primary option for communication for office use. Users look at outlook as on replace to communicate at work to get things done. Whether it is for setting up meetings, finding information about contacts or jump onto online contacts, Outlook is considered as a hub. Users usually love the consistent experience of the inbox since it gets going on their own task without thinking much. Gmail frequently tries a new experience like now compose or new inbox. 


2.       User can access email offline- 

When users are connected to an internet connection, it’s a major topic to work on email offline. When users travel via airplane, their interesting work is to clear up their email backlog. Most of the users work in outlook during their journey period. They can be able to read and respond to emails just like they would when they are at their desktop connected to the internet connection. When an internet connection is re-established the email is automatically sent. While in the case of Gmail, in offline mode users are unable to access only past month’s email when there is no internet connection. 


3.       Emails can be organized as your way- 

 Users have the ability to assign categories in a very systematic way to various items like messages, calendars, contacts, etc. users who won't need to visual cues have the ability to color code the categories. To classify an item it can be assigned to multiple categories. 


4.       Emails can be found in multiple ways- 

 If you want to find your emails in multiple ways then you can search to find works mostly when users already know what they are searching for. There is an ability to sort emails by date and size to scope the places to look are all various ways to find the emails when users don’t know how to describe the search. In the case of Gmail, users do not have a way to sort email by size, date or sender and are stuck with only one thing- search!!! 


5.       Rules to minimize email clutter- 

Users use rules to move items to various folders and categories are assigned to stay organized. It helps in removing unwanted email and minimize the clutter in their inboxes. But in Gmail, it has a filter capability. You can take after your filter these emails is limited in nature. 


6.       Ignore conversations- 

Some conversations need to be ignored. With a simple click, existing and new emails are moved to deleted items folder. Unique conversations are kept intact to ensure all comments which are still available in one place. But in Gmail, users can only mute the conversation but this is not easily discoverable. 



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