Easy ways to solve heating issue of Smartphone

There are number of complaints in the android phone for overheating. Here are some ways to solve the heating issue on any Smartphone. Lenovo is a good brand with multi feature but have some disadvantage like this  

  1. Disable all unwanted function 


First, you have to disable the location tracking if it is own and your map application is using it. You will observe a battery drain and your phone continue to search GPS signal and also cause heating. So it is good to keep it off if you are not using map. It is best to turn off the location settings to reduce heating and high power saving. If you are not using Bluetooth then turn it off. 


  1. Use of data for long time duration  


Use of continuously 3G or 4G data can cause heat. To reduce the heating problem in this condition is the only solution is take a frequent break after 20 to 30 minutes of gaming, it will be good for your health also and it will also reduce heat. 


  1. Too many apps running at the same time 


Sometimes it happens that we are open too many apps on our phone that may cause heat.  You can use the clean master app to cool down the Smartphone . A clean master can remove the worst file as well as a free up ram by the closing application which is not used to cool down your Smartphone. 

Greenify is the best app where you have the option to choose which process you want to kill. It is the best tool to manage overheating and maintain battery life. It may close those apps which take a lot of RAM and that time it keeps the processor busy with useless work. 


  1. Updates missing 


Sometimes it happens that we miss updating our app and operating system, it may happen that your Smartphone is running un optimized apps and Os. 

To keep all yours app to updates you must install Os patches which are pushed by Smartphone manufacturers to ensure bug fixes. Go to the play store and then look for my apps there is an option come like update all choose that one to check OS updates, Go to the settings and update all by finding of phone tab. 


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